the tallest people in the world…

…are busy shoving me out of their bike lanes, as I am newly an intruder among the Dutch.

Amsterdam is cool. I say this not just because of the typical reasons people would praise the liberal metropolis, but because of the details. The way it looks at night, the way marijuana is really no big deal to the Dutch, the simplicity of its design. Most of all, I think I love the way I am forcing myself to love the city because – lets face it – I’m going to be here for 6 months. It’s fucking unfortunate. I am not in the mood for adventures, I am not in the mood to listen to Bon Iver all by myself in a poorly decorated hostel that has vending machines with cans of water inside. I am not thrilled by the thought of pizza with tuna on top of it, and I am not excited to bike in the snow and slowly become comfortable running over tourists (or harmless study abroad rookies). Le sigh. This is going to be hard.

Today, I met a number of people. They were all very impressed by my tales of the Green House (some are pretty extravagant) and few brought anything shockingly new to the table. I did meet someone who intrigued me, however, and she sits across the lounge from me as I type, reading a book. She is a student at Brown of Dutch origin, and plans to not do much traveling during her time in Amsterdam. I wish I didn’t feel so damn anti-social if I took her route, but it seems like I can either be a loner intellectual or have friends and be in debt – not do both. Julia told me to do whatever I want and people will understand just because its me, but I don’t think she understands that I have no idea who I am… I guess that’s what I’m here to find out.